World’s Greatest Shave!

The world’s greatest shave this year was a great success! The world’s greatest shave is where a few bold students offer to have their head shaved to raise money for the leukemia foundation, a not-for-profit organization that assists those with blood cancer. Shaving your head is a way of showing support for those suffering through this terrible disease and the funds raised go to supporting their recovery. The hair taken is made into wigs for those with cancer or composted. MGC has been holding this event for many years and the seats in the gym were filled with cheering students and plenty volunteered to help.

Thanks to our Philanthropy Captains, the students who shaved their heads and all those who donated, $2,780 was made not even including the hundred dollars made from gold coin donations. When I spoke with Mr. Sturgess, the teacher who helped run it all, he said “An awesome atmosphere down in the gym. Lots of students and staff, and a great fundraising total for a great cause.” Showing just how big of a success it was this year!

Four students and one teacher volunteered to shave their heads; one student even surpassed the $1200 mark, with other students raising large amounts themselves. And of course, let’s not forget the big event. English teacher Mr. Thompson generously offered to have his head shaved for the event and raised $250. The philanthropy team raised $132 as well. In total that’s a huge amount of money going to charity.

Overall, we can only hope for the same fantastic results next year!

Esme Kanaan 8A

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