Senior School

Year 10

As Year 10 students commence Senior School, our programs further encourage students to build awareness of their personal attributes and interests so they can consider future study and career pathways with confidence and positivity.

Students are challenged to take more responsibility for their choices, their personal wellbeing and their learning. It is also a time to build leadership capacity through more active contribution to the College community.

The Year 10 Curriculum includes a core program of English, Mathematics and Wellbeing plus:

  • one English elective
  • at least one Science elective
  • up to 7 other electives

Students are able to choose from an extensive and diverse range of electives and can accelerate their studies to include VCE units within their program.

The Year 10 Wellbeing and Careers Programs assist pathway planning for VCE and beyond. Study Skills Seminars, Personal Portfolios, group and individual course counselling, Work Experience and Mock Job Interviews help students identify their strengths, interests, learning styles and future options.

The Wellbeing Camp in Term 2 is an invaluable experience in preparation for demands of VCE studies. Building teamwork and collaboration skills in a relaxed environment bonds the Year level ahead of the more demanding Years 11 and 12.

Year 10 at Melbourne Girls’ College is a pivotal and exciting year, busy with new experiences, important decisions and emerging opportunities.

  • Study Skills incursion
  • Swimming Carnival
  • Interschool Sport (opt in)
  • Year 10 Camp
  • Mockjob Interview Program (hosted by the Richmond Rotary Club)
  • Careers Fast-track Program where students have personal Interview (parents are welcome to attend)
  • Interschool Sport (opt in)
  • Semester Exams (usually taking place after the Queen’s Birthday weekend)
  • Semester 2 classes begin on the last two weeks of term 2
  • Core English Movie Excursion
  • Careers Information Night (first two weeks of term)
  • Course Counselling for Year 11 subjects
  • Shape your Destiny Incursion
  • Year 10 Girls’ Leadership Conference (Invitation)
  • Attending 2 University Open Days
  • Wellbeing Portfolio
  • Wellbeing Porfolio finalisation
  • Study Skills Incursion
  • Preparation for Work experience
  • End of Year Exams
  • Headstart Program
  • Work experience (first week of December)

Years 11 & 12 – VCE, VET, VCE VM

Melbourne Girls’ College cultivates a culture of personal excellence and is rightly proud of its reputation for outstanding academic, vocational, artistic, sporting, environmental and leadership achievements.

At the same time, we are very proud of the personal, social and emotional growth of our senior students, supported by our committed and caring staff.

The College offers an extensive range of Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE), Vocational Education and Training (VET) and VCE – Vocational Major (VCE VM) options enabling students to pursue any further studies or career direction.  

Careers Counsellors work with each student on a Managed Individual Pathway and Careers Portfolio. Students are encouraged to review their plan regularly, monitor their progress toward their goals and seek guidance where necessary. Students are further supported with access to a range of guest speakers throughout the year as well as a dedicated Study Centre.

Numerous support programs and activities are available to senior students to support their studies and their transition to further education, training or employment, including:  

  • VCE Success Strategies
  • Study Camp
  • Resilience Project Workshop
  • Study Skills Seminar
  • Exam Preparation Presentations
  • Community Celebrations – Year 11 Formal, Year 12 Valedictory Dinner

Senior students are also encouraged to develop and contribute their skills through formal College leadership positions as well as participate in working groups for the many events, committees and initiatives across the College.

The senior years can be sometimes stressful, often fun and exciting, very rewarding and always memorable.

At Melbourne Girls’ College, we believe the final years are a resounding success when students develop lifelong friendships and learn to become their best self; competent, confident, enthused by diversity, empowered and excited by possibilities.

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