College Facilities

Melbourne Girls’ College is located on a beautiful, peaceful site on the banks of the Yarra River just four kilometres from Melbourne’s central business district. The college enjoys an outstanding range of facilities that supports students learning, including:

Performing Arts Centre

We are proud to offer a space that provides our students with an opportunity to showcase their creativity and talents professionally. Our versatile Performing Arts Theatre, offering auditorium seating for an audience of 415, is primarily used for performances and recitals, meetings, student workshops, exhibitions, award nights, and the college’s annual productions.


The Melbourne Girls’ College library provides students with a range of services and an excellent facility to support their learning and study. Technologically advanced to improve student engagement and learning, all borrowing is monitored to track usage and identify trends, allowing the college to make recommendations to support learning.

Food Technology Centre

Our modern food technology kitchens and classrooms provide students with cutting-edge hospitality equipment to enhance their skills and culinary interests. The Food Technology Centre provides flexibility as the space accommodates a range of learning activities.

Rowing Centre

Melbourne Girls’ College is fortunate to be located on the Yarra River in the heart of Melbourne, and consequently, the Rowing Program has the advantage of housing our own boats. Our extensive range of rowing equipment, ergathons, bikes, etc., provides ongoing and comprehensive development opportunities for all our girls at every level, from school club to elite.

VCE Study Centre

A dedicated Year 12 zone, the VCE Study Centre enables students to concentrate on their studies in peace. The centre also houses Careers Counselling which provides senior students with access to reliable and accurate career information, resources and support from experienced and qualified career counsellors.

Wellbeing Centre

Melbourne Girls’ College is committed to our students’ personal, social and emotional wellbeing. Our dedicated onsite wellbeing team supports students from the purpose-built centre, which is a warm, welcoming and safe place.

STEAM Centre

The STEAM Centre is a purpose-built facility that focuses on integrating the study of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics with the practical use of specialist equipment like drones and robots to nurture creativity and innovation in learning.

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