Extension & Enrichment

Melbourne Girls’ College cultivates a culture of personal excellence. In addition to the opportunities delivered through highly skilled teaching practice, we challenge and support students’ aspirations to be their best self across all programs.

Extension and enrichment opportunities are available in many forms, including the formal programs below.

Many of our students participate in Student Excellence Programs provided by the Department of Education (DET):

  • Victorian High Ability Program (VHAP)
  • Victorian Challenge and Enrichment Series

Virtual School Victoria delivers the VHAP for selected Year 7 and 8 students. On completing the 10-week online English and Mathematics extension and enrichment program, our students participate in a face-to-face masterclass with other high-ability students.

The Victorian Challenge and Enrichment Series bring together experts and specialist presenters to provide high-quality extension activities across all curriculum areas for school nominated students in Years 7 to 12. We encourage interested families of high-ability students to discuss the various options to ensure the best overall experience for each student.

The Learning Extension and Advancement Program (LEAP) is a Mathematics enrichment subject for students in Years 7 to 9. The subject develops problem-solving skills and higher-order thinking and explores a range of strategies to solve challenging mathematical concepts and problems. Students work individually and collaboratively on challenging tasks and are encouraged to participate in competitions such as the Australian Mathematics Enrichment Program and the Australian Mathematics Competition.

Melbourne Girls’ College is a Foundation Member of the Centre for Higher Education Studies (CHES), which provides our high achieving students with the opportunity to study first-year university courses and select VCE subjects that are accompanied by an enhancement and enrichment program. This ‘head start’ on tertiary courses allows our most capable students to undertake study aligned to their skills and interests, contributing to their Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) while gaining university credits.

Creativity, problem-solving and innovative thinking are essential life skills. As a high performing girls’ College, we are deliberate about building the competence and confidence of our students in STEAM.

We inspire our students to be solution focused and innovative in their thinking. Nurturing future female leaders is at the core of our curriculum. We also recognise the Arts as a critical element of STEAM. The Arts develop complementary abilities, understandings, skills, and habits of mind in the areas of inquiry, problem-solving, and design.

We teach students the value of creativity, innovation, communication, and contemplation in the Arts. STEAM skills are increasingly recognised and valued in a world where creative solutions are needed and different perspectives are vital.

The Confucius Classroom at Melbourne Girls’ College is closely associated with the Confucius Institute at the University of Melbourne. We aim to inspire student interest in culture and language and celebrate diversity.

Our specialist Chinese language staff bring an authentic linguistic and cultural resource to our classrooms. Students celebrate Chinese culture days and participate in national speaking competitions and multiple excursions. We also conduct a biennial international study tour to China, where students enjoy the experience of cultural immersion.

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