Wellbeing @ MGC

Melbourne Girls’ College is a vibrant, socially progressive and inclusive community committed to the personal, social and emotional wellbeing of each student.

From the moment a student joins Melbourne Girls’ College they are connected to a homegroup and this strengthens their sense of belonging. Our homegroups create a smaller, more intimate community within a larger college environment and we believe this cultivates a designated space for students to build positive relationships with peers and teachers. Our homegroups facilitate effective communication between the college, parents and carers where the homegroup teacher becomes a key contact for parents and carers, strengthening our home school partnerships.

While our academic achievements are a publicly recognised strength of Melbourne Girls’ College, we are equally committed to the personal, social and emotional wellbeing of our students. We recognise the intrinsic link between wellbeing and effective learning and have adopted a whole-school approach to wellbeing that is underpinned by the Department of Education and Training’s High Impact Wellbeing Stratagies and our partnership with The Resilience Project. Our whole school wellbeing program has been developed in a thoughtful, strategic manner that has profound impacts on the academic, social, and emotional development of our young people. We focus on the development of essential life skills like resilience, emotional intelligence and critical thinking. It is culturally responsive, provides real world experiences and enhances our students’ connection to the college and community.

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