Transition into Year 7

Commencing high school is a social and emotional shift that opens new and sometimes challenging experiences. We understand the importance of a positive transition for each student and have developed supportive programs and structures to build connections and a sense of belonging to our community.

We focus on strong positive relationships and encourage active participation of students, families and carers, and primary schools in the transition process.

Our Orientation Program is an exciting experience, especially our welcome event for new families. We value constructive home-school partnerships which allow matters to be addressed promptly, alleviating concerns or uncertainty for students and families.

Some students need particular support when commencing in a new school. We look to engage families, students and primary school staff to develop appropriate individual transition plans.

With purpose-built spaces, team teaching, planned group allocations, focussed Wellbeing classes, Year level activities, incursions and excursions, Year 7 students are well monitored and supported through their early experiences as a MGC student.

The Year 7 Camp early in Term 1 is a particularly important opportunity for students to build connections and friendships, which in turn enhance learning outcomes, wellbeing and resilience. Camp activities are designed to build confidence, ignite creativity, stimulate a sense of adventure, strengthen team-building and promote independence.

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