Why Choose Melbourne Girls’ College

At Melbourne Girls’ College, students develop lifelong friendships and learn to become their best self; competent, confident, enthused by diversity, empowered and excited by possibilities.

MGC girls are at the centre of every aspect of the community. From the classroom to the sporting arena to leadership training, we design the programs for our girls. If they want to be a writer, lawyer, astronaut, artist, scientist, or diplomat, our students will know there is nothing to stand in their way. Research tells us that:

  • “Girls in single-sex schools perform better academically than their counterparts in co-educational schools, after holding constant measures of selection, background, peers and school factors” (Cabezas).
  • For girls, “single-sex settings resulted in much more favourable attitudes towards mathematics than those in coeducational settings” (Lee & Anderson).
  • Girls feel empowered to defy gender stereotypes. An all-girl environment can stimulate discussion, dialogue and self-discovery in an atmosphere that “for the most part” is “free from ridicule and the fear of undermining self-image” (Younger).
  • Single-sex schools encourage “improved self-esteem” and “psychological and social well-being in adolescent girls” (Cribb & Haase).
  • Girls’ schools tailor teaching to girls and provide an aspirational environment. Girls from single-sex schools achieve “significantly higher” university entrance scores and are more likely to enrol in a university degree than girls who attend co-ed schools (Park, Behrman and Choi).
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