Careers & Pathways

Melbourne Girls’ College has a dedicated Careers and Pathways Team. This team leads programs which encourage the timely development of career awareness and supports students and families to make informed pathway decisions.

Year 7 and 8 students begin to develop ideas through My Career Exploration, a guided program of self-discovery. Year 9 students continue to explore their strengths and interests through Morrisby Online which prompts investigation of potential career and pathway options.

Senior students are able to explore traditional, new and emerging jobs and industries through online tools, Work Experience, Mock Interviews, Tertiary Information Sessions, Open Days, guest speakers, the Careers Newsletter and many other resources available through our Careers and Pathways Team.

The Careers and Pathways Team provide focussed seminars and personal interviews for Year 12 students and their families throughout the tertiary application and offer acceptance process.

Visit our Careers and Pathways website to access the extensive resources and information available to students and families. 

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