Celebrating Student Success

Melbourne Girls’ College cultivates a culture of personal excellence and is rightly proud of its reputation for outstanding academic and leadership achievements.

We value excellence in achievements and aspirations while always striving to give and be our best. We also believe that acknowledging and celebrating achievement builds student motivation and self-esteem, and contributes to our positive classroom and College culture.

We congratulate the Class of 2022 for their outstanding efforts and results. Below is a snapshot of those results which consistently place MGC as one of the highest performing Colleges in Victoria.

  • DUX (2 students) received an ATAR of 99.6
  • 5 students achieved an ATAR above 99
  • 9% of students achieved an ATAR above 90
  • 8% of students achieved an ATAR above 80
  • 2% of students achieved a study score above 40
  • 3 perfect study scores in English, Legal Studies and History Revolutions
  • Median study score was 32
  • 2% of students who undertook VCE achieved their VCE certificate
  • 4% of students received a tertiary offer through VTAC
  • 9% of students received more than one tertiary offer
Celebrating Student Success

International Students VCE Results

Our International Students Program has an excellent reputation for its dedicated support staff and outstanding academic success. International students come from many backgrounds and provide our community with rich opportunities to understand and celebrate diversity and build international perspectives.

Generally, over 50% of our international students attain an ATAR above 90 and over 80% attain an ATAR over 80, providing our students with many options for preferred tertiary courses. 

We congratulate the 2022 international students who met all challenges, including pandemic related complexities to again achieve outstanding results. 

  • 52.1% of ISP students achieved an ATAR above 90
  • 82.6% of ISP students achieved an ATAR above 80
  • Highest ATAR of 99.15
  • 6% of ISP students received a study score above 40

International Student Program Student University Destinations

International Students VCE Results_2
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