College Council

College Councils play an important role in Victorian government schools. The driving purpose of the MGC Council is to enhance educational opportunities for our students. They develop, review and update College policies, approve budget and monitor expenditure, and raise funds for school-related purposes.

The Department has developed a range of polices, guidelines and resources to support existing and prospective College Councillors to understand their roles, responsibilities and College Council processes.

Council Members - 2024

  • Alex Artavilla
  • John Downie
  • Sarah McDowell
  • Vlado Bandjak
  • Sarah McRitchie
  • Tamy Stubley - Executive Officer
  • Claire Tudor
  • Rachel Robertson
  • Nancy Sandilands - Business Manager
  • Co-option TBA
  • Co-option TBA
  • Co-option TBA
  • Co-option TBA
  • Grace Skariah 
  • Ananya Ekkadu 
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