International Students @ MGC

Melbourne Girls’ College is a leader in contemporary educational practice firmly grounded in values of excellence, teamwork and diversity.

Our highly successful International Student Program (ISP) supports students to develop lifelong friendships and to become their best self; competent, confident, empowered and ready for the next stage of their studies.

Below are just 10 reasons for the outstanding successes of the Melbourne Girls’ College International Student Program.

  1. Student safety. MGC is a welcoming, inclusive and supportive community committed to the personal, social and emotional wellbeing of each student. Student safety is our highest priority.
  2. Dedicated and professional staff. Our teachers are committed, caring and high performing professionals who challenge and encourage their students to take healthy risks in their learning and be imaginative and solution-focused in their thinking.
  3. Extensive ISP experience. Our ISP was established in 1994. With specialist and experienced staff, our international students are supported from the time of enrolment to graduation with all of the practical, academic and personal needs as they arise.
  4. Outstanding academic results. The VCE results of our local and international students are consistently in the highest band in the state. Generally, over 50% of our international students attain an ATAR over 90 and 80% attain an ATAR over 80. Our international students are individually supported gain entry to their preferred university programs.
  5. Extensive curriculum and co-curricular programs. With an enrolment of 1400 students, MGC is able to offer a wide range of studies as well as enrichment and extension programs to meet the needs of each student.
  6. Balanced student numbers. MGC accepts only 65 international students, mainly from East and South East Asian countries. The College enjoys a culturally diverse local student population which is complemented by our international students to provide a rich experience for all.
  7. Caring Homestay Hosts. Our Homestays are carefully selected and monitored by MGC staff. Many of our Homestay Hosts are highly experienced and provide a supportive network for newer hosts.
  8. Location and access. MGC is conveniently situated in Yarra Boulevard, Richmond. This central and attractive location provides us with easy access to the best of Melbourne’s cultural, educational and entertainment amenities. The College is very well served by public transport.
  9. All-girls education. All-girls schools are among the most successful schools in Melbourne and Australia. Research consistently identifies many differences and advantages of all-girls’ education.
  10. Security of Government School. All Victorian government schools have the full support of the Department of Education specialist teams and experts. Government schools have low fees for international students and provide outstanding value for students and families.

At Melbourne Girls’ College, we recognise the challenges and sacrifices made by families who choose an overseas education for their children. We are committed to working closely with each international student to ensure a happy and successful experience while part of our community.

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