Wellbeing Curriculum

Student Wellbeing

The key values of Melbourne Girls’ College are encapsulated in the vision of young women who will “Lead and Achieve“.

While our College achievements include academic results, our broader definition of success ensures personal, social and emotional wellbeing to support our students, as they become leaders in the community.

In addition to many whole-school wellbeing initiatives, such as clubs and programs, students from year levels 7-10 participate in timetabled Wellbeing lessons on a regular basis.

Wellbeing lessons have been developed to meet the individual needs of our students as they progress through the year levels. We deliver wellbeing support and strategies tailored to the students’ context, which align with the Victorian Curriculum Capabilities.

The themes for Wellbeing at Melbourne Girls’ College are guided by Positive Psychology and aim to develop emotional literacy in all our students. They include:


Wellbeing at the VCE level, including years 11 and 12, are also a College priority. Students in these year levels participate in variety of activities, including guest presenters, therapy animals and skills workshops, which support the development of Positive Psychology skills.