Biomechanics Research and Innovation Challenge 

On Friday 28th of April, STEAM participated in our annual Biomechanical Research and Innovation Challenge Kickstarter Program. A magnificent team of 4 passionate Year 9’s were registered for the competition and thus began the exciting journey of innovative technologies in the field of Biomechanics. Biomechanics is an occupational category in STEAM featuring the application of mechanics principles to the study of living or biological organisms and systems, such as using Newton’s Laws learned in Year 9 physics or biology taught in Year 8. Whilst experiencing a plethora of FUN and excitement, we collaborated with our wonderful BRInC mentors and facilitators from the University of Canberra to gain an introduction to Biomechanics and brainstorm innovative applications via the online Kickstarter event. Our resplendent Year 9 BRInC team is aiming to devise and create spectacular material over the coming weeks!

Mithuna Karthick
MS STEAM Captain 2023,
Year 9 BRInC Student Team Member

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