Murnong Day 2021

On Friday the 22nd of October, the year 7’s got to participate in Murnong day. Murnongs are plants similar to daisies but with a tuba growing underneath. They are much like sweet potatoes (and yummy like sweet potatoes!) and hold significance in Aboriginal culture. On Murnong day, we learnt from Uncle Bill, an Aboriginal elder, the significance of Murnong plants, why Murnongs rapidly decreased due to colonisation and planted our own native plants. Celebrating this day was important as it was a way to pass down culture, to learn more about the land our school stands on and to regrow the native vegetation that once thrived near the riverbed. Overall, it was a really interesting experience, we got our hands dirty and had a lot of fun!

By Jasmine Buckle 7R2

A massive thank you to Andrew Vance for organising and planning Murnong Day on such short notice and his wonderful Environment Team and Year 10 Environmental Issues and Actions Class student who worked tirelessly all day. We would also to thank Paula McIntosh, Lisa Cardamone, Samone Hosking, Amelia Cash, Rachel Robertson and Dan Childs for running the educational and planting sessions with the Year 7 students and all of the Year 7 teachers scheduled on with their classes. And finally thank you to Sylvan Dorney for assisting with filming and photography and Glen Holland for ensuring the Murnong Garden space was prepared and ready for planting.