Year 10

Wellbeing and Career Pathways are the focus for the Year 10 level at Melbourne Girls’ College. We place great importance on our students being aware of their personal wellbeing and beginning their journey of choosing career pathways with confidence and positivity.

Year 10 students are encouraged to take on new elective subjects and possibly accelerated to do a VCE subject if they meet the requirements.

The Year 10 Wellbeing Camp takes place during Term 2, where the students complete various activities to build teamwork and collaboration skills to bond as a year level. The camp aims to give the students the tools to deal with issues that may arise during the year and a safe environment allowing them to relax and start making decisions for their futures.

Throughout the school year, the Year 10 students also participate and complete a variety of career support programs and subject counselling, so they are able to make confident choices in their future decisions. Students also participate in work experience during the first week of December in a work placement of their choice. Career Counselling can be accessed at any time through our Careers Advisor.

Year 10 is the beginning of the Senior School at Melbourne Girls’ College and our students are encouraged to challenge themselves and to become an active member of the school community.

Overview of Programs for Year 10

Term 1

  • Study Skills incursion
  • Swimming Carnival
  • Interschool Sport (opt in)

Term 2

  • Year 10 Camp
  • Mockjob Interview Program (hosted by the Richmond Rotary Club)
  • Careers Fast-track Program where students have personal Interview (parents are welcome to attend)
  • Interschool Sport (opt in)
  • Semester Exams (usually taking place after the Queen’s Birthday weekend)
  • Semester 2 classes begin on the last two weeks of term 2

Term 3

  • Core English Movie Excursion
  • Careers Information Night (first two weeks of term)
  • Course Counselling for Year 11 subjects
  • Shape your Destiny Incursion
  • Year 10 Girls’ Leadership Conference (Invitation)
  • Attending 2 University Open Days
  • Wellbeing Portfolio

Term 4

  • Wellbeing Porfolio finalisation
  • Study Skills Incursion
  • Preparation for Work experience
  • End of Year Exams
  • Headstart Program
  • Work experience (first week of December)

For further information please contact:

Year Level Leader of Year 10: Catie Cameron-Martin
Year Level Leader of Year 10: Alex Steer
Year 9 & 10 Student Engagement & Wellbeing Leader: Claire Tudor

Year 10 Documents

View the senior school handbook here.