All Year levels

Career Action Plan – updated annually

A Career Action Plan helps you to:

  • focus on your goals and plans for the future
  • work out how you are going to achieve what you want relating to school, work and life
  • review, reflect and learn more about yourself as you progress through school

It’s important to review your Career Action Plan and update it to reflect the career education activities you participate in throughout the year.

Careers Newsletter

Released weekly via Compass – highlights student opportunities, tertiary options, occupation snapshots, important dates and any Careers related information that is relevant to our students.

Year 7 & 8

My Career Exploration

My Career Exploration is an important step that students will take in their career journey. Designed as a series of activities, My Career Exploration will give students learning experiences in and beyond the classroom so they can find out more about themselves and the exciting world of work.

My Career Exploration is a time of self-discovery. It is an opportunity for students to learn more about themselves – their strengths and interests, and find new ones along the way. As well as learning about themselves, students will learn about the world of work. Together as a class, students will investigate jobs of the future and learn more about the rapidly changing world of work. These resources include activities that aim to open students’ eyes to a world of options—so they can discover, explore, and get excited about what the future holds for them.

Year 9

Career Insights

What if there was a way for students to create a plan for their future that’s both specific to who they are, and flexible enough to adapt over time when they change their mind?

My Career Insights is designed to help students discover, develop and drive their career planning. It’s a unique opportunity for them to learn more about their strengths and abilities, while exploring potential career options – giving them the confidence to start taking control of their future.

Year 9 is an ideal time for students to take a moment to reflect on who they are, and what they might want from a career. It’s a time for self-discovery and an opportunity to think about their strengths and find new ones.

Step 1: Discover – Students begin with Morrisby, the online discovery tool designed to help them learn more about themselves – their values, preferences and skills – giving them a better understanding of where their strengths lie. These personal insights help open up a variety of possible career pathways, specifically tailored to who they are.

Step 2: Develop – It’s now time for students to share what they have discovered. My Career Insights gives students an opportunity to talk one-on-one with an independent career counsellor about any initial ideas and thoughts. This discussion will help them to set realistic goals, and start putting actions in place to continue their career journey.

Step 3: Drive – My Career Insights aims to give students the confidence to start making more informed choices and decisions around their future schooling, and widen their perspective on potential career options. It puts them in the driver’s seat of their career journey.

Year 10

The Year 10 Careers Program is designed to assist students to further plan their pathway into senior schooling and beyond. This comprises of –

  • Mock Job Interview program in partnership with Richmond Rotary Club – focuses on Resume/Cover letter writing and interview skills with volunteer member of our community.
  • Careers Fast Track (CFT) program – helps to identify each student’s preferred learning style and concludes with an individual appointment with an external careers adviser.
  • Work experience – a week in late November/early December concluding the Year 10 program.

Year 12

Camp – Careers session included in the rotation of activities.

Tertiary Information Session (TIS) – A collective of universities, TAFES and independent colleges helping students prepare for future Careers by providing information and the opportunity to ask questions and speak with tertiary institute representatives.

VTAC/tertiary application presentation – a session that provides students with information about the application process for tertiary courses.

One-on-one interviews – each student will have the opportunity to meets with a member of the MGC Careers team to speak about their plans and ask any questions they may have.


Vocational Education and Training programs are designed to help students make the transition to further education or training, work, or a blend of both training and work. MGC offers students in Year 10 – 12 the opportunity to undertake a VET subject from the suite of courses available through IMVC (Inner Melbourne VET Cluster).

Why Choose a VET Program?

  • To increase the options available for students to participate in vocational education and training during their secondary schooling.
  • To enhance both employment and education for young people by developing partnerships between schools and employers.
  • To provide students with the option of undertaking a broad range of studies to meet their individual needs.
  • To respond to the needs of industry by providing young people with a greater range of more relevant skills.

Useful Resources

This is where you can look up different occupations and find out what they do and what training/education is required.

Comprehensive information about tertiary courses, application process, scholarships, prerequisites, SEAS, etc in Victoria.

VTAC Prerequisite List and Course Explorer
This resource lists the pre-requisites that have been set for university courses for the year that you will enter tertiary education.

This website includes detailed study designs and assessment.


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