Wellbeing Centre

Melbourne Girls’ College adopts a holistic model of health and wellbeing that focuses on the physical, mental, emotional and social facets of our young people’s lives.

All members of our learning community will be supported to build their personal capacity through the Wellbeing Curriculum, bespoke programs and the expertise of our experienced psychologists.

  1. The Wellbeing Curriculum, please see http://mgc.vic.edu.au/student-wellbeing/wellbeing/
  2. Programs – Health and mental health promotion and early intervention activities
  3. Psychologists

Some of the work we do includes:

  • Provision of support to students and families
  • Individual short-term counselling for students for school related issues
  • Group work / support to embed Visible Wellbeing programs
  • Support Restorative Practices
  • Participation in School Support Group meetings
  • Liaison with external support agencies
  • Consults regularly with YLL and teaching staff.

Students can access short-term counselling with the Wellbeing Team. In situations where regular or longer-term counselling is required, students / families can be supported to access external services in the local community.

Should you or your young person be seeking support then you can speak to your Year Level Leader or an Assistant Principal about a referral.

The Wellbeing Team consists of:

  • Kate McLean (Psychologist)
  • Brittany Killer (Psychologist)
  • Year Level Leaders
  • Assistant Principals
  • Integration Leader / Support

All staff at MGC are committed to the MGC wellbeing values and have access to ongoing training including; Safe Schools, STORM training, Safe Minds and Visible Wellbeing.

In addition, some students may benefit from a referral to DET for strategies and specialised support to assist young people facing a range of barriers to learning. This may include programs or funding to support our actions


Other Support Services

  • Headspace: Online and telephone mental health support (aged 12-25)
    Phone: 1800 367 968
    Web: www.headspace.org.au
  • Kids Help Line: Online and telephone support for young people (aged 0-24).
    Phone: 1800 551 800
  • Life Line: Telephone support for people of all ages.
    Phone: 13 11 14
  • Parent Line: Support for parents of young people (aged 0-18)
    Phone: 13 22 89
  • Beyond Blue: Supporting everyone to achieve their best possible mental health.
    Phone: 1300 224 636
    Web: www.beyondblue.org.au
  • Orange Door: Offer referral information and support for families

Phone: 1800 319 355

Web: www.orangedoor.vic.gov.au

  • Relationships Australia: Provider of relationship services for individuals and families

Phone: 1300 364 277

Web: www.relationships.org.au

  • Better Place: Provide a range of services for the enhancement of family relationships

Phone: 1800 639 523

Web: www.betterplaceaustralia.com.au

  • Psychiatric Triage:Mental Health Emergency Support Services.
    Austin Health, North East Area Mental Health Service Phone: 1300 859 789 (24/7)

Alfred Health, Child Youth Mental Health Service Phone: 8552 0555

Eastern Health, Child Youth Mental Health Service Phone: 1300 721 927

Royal Children’s Hospital Mental Health Line (under 15 years) Phone: 1800 445 511, or Orygen (15 – 25 years) Phone: 1800 888 320 (24/7)