Creative Anthology Magazine

Melbourne Girls’ College is looking to put together an Anthology of Creativity drawn from student works.

Do you have a piece of student writing, artwork, clothing design or jewelry to share? While space in the anthology is limited, the creative possibilities are limitless … Science, Math, Environment… if it’s a creative concept, we want to see it, and you may find your piece chosen for the magazine.

How it works – All creative entries are to be placed into the MGC Creative Anthology Dropbox on the M-Drive.

  • If you are a student entering your work, open the relevant folder… Writing, Art, Tech or Miscellaneous entries. You can enter your piece by placing it with your name, student code and year into the Student submissions – permission to publish. Please note – by dropping your work in this folder, you give permission for MGC to publish and share your creative work.
  • If you are a Teacher entering your student’s work, please make sure that the student’s name, code and year are attached to the work. Open the relevant folder Writing, Art, Tech or Miscellaneous entries. If you have permission from the student to publish the submission, please put the work in the Teacher submission – permission to publish If you haven’t been able to get the student’s permission, please place the work in the Teacher submission – no permissions folder.

If you have any questions please contact me here..

Kind regards,
Mr Dorney – Anthology Editor