Melbourne Girls’ College offers rowing to all students from year 8 to year 12. It is an extra-curricular activity and training occurs outside of the normal school hours. MGC is one of the only government schools in the state to have such a unique program.

The aim of the rowing program at MGC is to provide an enjoyable, quality, team orientated rowing program. It provides a unique environment to build self-esteem, time management skills, discipline and crew bonds (which often last years after school). But primarily, it is a sporting environment where a person can achieve by doing their best within a crew that is committed to training and competing like an individual.

Situated on the Yarra River, we are fortunate to be able to have our own boatshed and pontoon directly behind the school from which we row. This enables us to maximise the time spent on water without having the issues of transporting the students to and from the landing like many other schools.

Girls may enter the rowing program during Term 3 in preparation for the racing season. Yr 8’s have the opportunity to trial rowing during their sport classes in term 3 before committing to the actual season in terms 4 and 1. Training for rowing occurs both before and after school as well as Saturday mornings.

The season is divided into three main stages:

August – September (Term 3)

The returning rowers will concentrate on fitness and our new students will focus on learning basic rowing skills.

October – December (Term 4)

Skills and fitness training. There is a big emphasis on fitness training during this period with the aim to build rowing stamina.

January – March (Term 1)

This is the time to build up to major regattas. The emphasis is more on speed work and preparation for regattas. This period begins with a January Camp. Once crews are selected for HoSG or SSV they will have additional training sessions in the 6-8 weeks prior to these regattas.

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