The Philanthropy Team strives to help those less fortunate than us in our school community, nationally and internationally. We recognise the privilege and opportunity that have been given to us and wish to share those with others.  The Team is made up of interested representatives who attend our weekly meetings. This year our students want to continue to give back to the community, volunteer and fund raise, all while raising awareness for a wide variety of carefully selected charities.

Our meetings are every Friday lunch time in the Lyceum room 5/6. 

Photos – coming soon.

Contact details: 2017 captains

Eve CROSSETT email here
Irene BARBATI email here
MITCHELL, Olivia email here
Samantha THOMSON email here
Lilith STEWART email here

If you have any ideas about philanthropic actions we are always open to try and make them happen!

The events that the Philanthropy Team have participated in and run are:

  • World’s Greatest Shave
  • World Vision Forty -Hour Famine
  • Lord Mayor’s Charitable Fund-Youth in Philanthropy Program
  • Clean up Australia Day
  • Richmond West Tutoring

World Vision 40 hour famine 2017

This year World Vision is running the 40 hour famine backpack challenge, raising money for refugees and displaced children around the world.

Currently, there are 65 million people who have had to leave there homes because of conflict and war. This number of people is unimaginable! But don’t worry, you can help. By signing up to the 40 hour famine this year, you are giving back what the war has taken away from so many.

The idea of the challenge is that during the 40 hours​ you can only use the items in your backpack. You’ll need to prioritise what you pack, including your clothes, a sleeping bag and even food to last until the end of the 40 hours.

​The official starting date of the challenge is this Friday, the 11th of August at 8.00 pm, but can be completed at anytime that suits you. Money can be raised after the event as well.

Make sure that if you are signing up, you join the Melbourne Girls’ College team. We would love to see as many people as possible representing our school!

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The Philanthropy Team