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Fond Farewell to the Class of 2017

Fond Farewell to the Class of 2017 The final days of secondary school for our Year 12s concluded with Celebration Day on Wednesday 25th October. The guard of honour with Years 7-11 students lining the path from the final assembly to Yarra Boulevard is a respectful farewell after thirteen years of formal schooling. It was… Read more »

Important Dates

November 6th November: 2018 Planning Student Free Day 7th November: Melbourne Cup Day 8th November: Year 12 (in 2018) Course Confirmation 10th November: Year 11 (in 2018) Course Confirmation 13th November: Year 9 (in 2018) Course Confirmation 15th November: Year 8 (in 2018) Course Confirmation 17th November: Year 10 (in 2018) Course Confirmation 23rd November: Year 10-12 New Student Orientation 28th November: Presentation Night December 12th December: Year… Read more »