Tones and I – MGC Visit

On Thursday the 15th of July, the Australian singer ‘Tones and I’ visited MGC to perform a preview of her new album ‘Welcome to The Madhouse’ and speak about her journey on becoming a singer, from busking in Byron Bay to international success. We were lucky enough to have this opportunity, due to an MGC alumni, Charlotte Johnston, who is ‘Tones and I’s personal assistant. ‘Tones and I’ was kind enough to make time to take photos with students, and there was also merchandise on display for students to purchase. On behalf of MGC, we are extremely fortunate to have them both visit, as it provided us students with a greater perspective of what it’s like to work within the music industry. Due to MGC’s large music department, we hope that many students will follow in their footsteps.

We would like to thank Lori Perry, Anne Corry and Wen Chin for assisting in making this amazing event become a reality, and our Year 8 & 9 Deans and supervising teachers for their support.

Alara Selçuk 8F / 2021 Middle School Humanities Captain