Rowing News

Head of School Girls: Continuing the success of the rowers and coaches from the start of the year—the girls powered through at Head of School Girls. From Thursday the 16th of March to Sunday the 19th, all rowers attended the Head of School Girls Regatta in Geelong. The girls represented the school wonderfully, demonstrating great behaviour across the whole regatta.

Head of School Girls Results:  13A Finals  6B Finals  3 Gold Medals


Congratulations to Sarah Betts, Dayna Cannon, Madeline Carman, Emma Jepsen, Isobel Lindsay-Geyer, Zoe Mavros, Ingrid Perkins, Meshi Seymour-Pessah, Claudia Stott, and Lara Taylor, who have been selected for Nationals. Key dates and information:  Nationals 29th of March—2nd of April Enjoy your holidays! HAPPY ROWING!