Year 8

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Year 8 is characterised as a year when students think more about their identity, independence and community. This is often achieved via situations where students explore their boundaries, increase their voice and begin to understand the implications of their beliefs and values. As a result MGC has implemented numerous teaching, learning and community involvement strategies to assist the physical, emotional and values growth of Year 8 students.

In particular, the Curiosity and Powerful Learning Framework, a focus on STEAM, Languages and Humanities subjects, student leadership and a well-researched contemporary Wellbeing curriculum encourage students to take learning risks in an environment of positivity, care and support.

The Year 8 Wellbeing program focuses on establishing independence for each girl, in terms of their academic learning, personal organisation and responsibility for decision-making. Each term there is a different emphasis on areas such as: Be kind to yourself, Put yourself in their place, There’s always two sides and A small act of kindness; which unpack our themes of Empathy and Kindness. A significant curriculum time allows the Year 8 Wellbeing team of teachers to deliver an integrated program. This program is sequenced with the Year 7 and Year 9 Wellbeing curriculum and incorporates a “check in” engager at the start of each class as well as participation in various forms of mindfulness. It is based on a Positive Psychology framework.

We aim to provide leadership opportunities for all girls through opportunities within the classroom and in the MGC community. We recognise, acknowledge and celebrate contributions in both of these areas. Through student-led activities in classes, Wellbeing Day and the Year 8 Friendship Day, girls are able to organise activities, engage with their peers and establish confidence in being active leaders. They are encouraged to take ownership of their decisions, particularly in relation to their use of social media.

A wonderful and diverse calendar of learning experiences has been developed in English/Humanities including the NGV excursion, public speaking and a week-long poetry workshop. STEAM, dance, sport and LOTE incursions and excursions complement these subjects and provide wonderful opportunities for students to learn in different environments. In addition, the whole year level participates in our annual Well-Being Day which focuses on the health and wellbeing of the girls through a variety of workshops. Towards the end of the year, the Year 8 Camp at Lake Dewar Lodge is a highlight and is an opportunity to celebrate a significant year of education in Year 8.

Year 8 Parent Information Evening – 2021

When: Monday 20th July
Time: 6:00-7:15pm
Where: Webex Meetings

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Please note:

If you have a general question, simply type it into the chat function on Webex Meetings. The question will be answered ‘live’ by the Year Level Leaders. If you have a question that relates specifically to your child, it is better to email the Year Level Leaders.

A recording of this presentation will be made available afterwards. If you would prefer not to have you image on this recording, please ensure that your camera is turned off for the duration of the presentation.

Meeting information:

Meeting number (access code): 165 677 2500
Meeting password: uMumRMJs768

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+61-3-8593-9167 Australia Toll (Melbourne)
Access code: 165 677 2500

For further information please contact:

Year Level Leader of Year 8: Shaunagh O’Connell
Assistant Year Level Leader of Year 8: Katelyn Walters