Being a homestay provider does more than just provide a meal or a residence for our international students, it’s a means of cultural exchange where life-long friendships are built.

This is an exciting opportunity to nominate yourself to host our international students. There are openings to host long term students from Year 10 to Year 12 or short term stays for temporary or ELC students.

If you interested in homestay and would like to know more about this program, please call us on 9428 8955 or email us at or

Student Testimony

Australia on a cold day
by Angie Tran (Year 11)

It’s been four months, but I feel like I’ve just moved here, time has flown by really fast.
27-1-2018: My first day in Australia, a day with many feelings. It happened so fast that I was kind of surprised because I adapted to it so quickly. Thinking back to just two days ago, I was still in Vietnam but it was like sitting on the fire because I kept waiting my Visa to arrive, and the school due to start in four days time. Then bam! I got my visa, bought the ticket and was ready to fly the next day. I was a little bit nervous of all the new things that lay ahead of me, but luckily for me that everything turned out wonderful.

“Baby, baby dinner time!” oh that’s Ms Fang, my homestay guardian… she usually called me like that because I’m cute in her eyes haha and I’m just like a baby when I’m around her. I’m so appreciative that I get to stay with Ms Fang. Adjusting to my new surroundings at the beginning of my trip would not have been as easy without her. At first sight she looks exactly like my mum and on top of this she was so nice, possibly the nicest person that I ever knew.

On the first day, I had a bad reaction to hay-fever, she was so kind and took care of me really well. I can only imagine how exhausted she was caring for me. I am really going to miss her cooking, oh my god she cooks like a professional and it all taste so good. Every time I come home the smell takes me to a happy place. By the way, I kind of surprised myself in learning that I can cook too! I cooked for Ms Fang’s entire family two weeks ago. A big dinner. I cooked Vietnamese food and everybody liked it.

I also live with Alice, another homestay student who is in year 12 study Melbourne Girls’ College. I’m so thankful to have a friend like her, she helps me a lot both in school and also in daily life. She encourages me to be confident and takes care of me like her sister. I feel so lucky that I get to live with these two women. I think moving here was the right decision for me. I can learn so many new things, open up my mind and above all it has taught me to appreciate my life.

I’m lucky to study in Melbourne Girl’s College where the well-educated teachers are so nice, considerate and responsible with the students. Mentioning teachers, it reminds me of our International Coordinator. International students like me feel much easier to have Ms Jielei and Ms Angie who are in charge of International students. Anytime the international students get lost, they will go to these two adorable teachers to ask for advice. The students here are friendly too, they help each other a lot and are cool too. When I performed the song “Born this way” by Lady Gaga on the Harmony Day Assembly, the whole school cheered for me. Then in the school halls they would congratulate me, it’s a feeling I will remember forever.

“Baby dinner time!!” oh I forget dinner, another day ends, and once again I feel so appreciative being able to stay here.

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