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Laptop Information Night – Year 7 (new students)

For the Laptop Information Night guide 2021, please click here.  See below for the recording of the 2021 Laptop information night.


The vision we have is of a school where digital technologies is embedded into everyday teaching and learning and where students will have ready access to the multitude of digital technologies that are available. This use is responsible, engaging and relevant to the learning intentions of the lesson. MGC recognises that handwriting is still a very important skill. VCE exams are handwritten and will continue to be in the near future and MGC strongly encourages the use of active pen enabled devices provides greater natural interaction with the learning programs. These technologies will be used effectively to enhance the learning and teaching in all curriculum areas, to support collaborative and cooperative learning, to develop higher order thinking skills and to help all students to realise their potential. Our students’ digital technology experiences will contribute to their employability in the 21st century.

Improved Student Learning

Whilst using their computer in EVERY class is not optimal, having access to their own laptop allows…

• Students to have immediate access to new and varied information, ideas and perspectives.
• Effective collaboration opportunities via online applications – this allows (and promotes) collaboration beyond the school day.
• Development of organisational skills through online applications.
• Students to develop essential life skills. There is no doubt that students will need to be increasingly technologically literate beyond school.
• Students to become developers of their own content rather than just consumers.
• Additional support and information to assist learning
• Training in appropriate and safe use of their devices.
• Development of innovative and authentic learning experiences.

Managed Laptop Program : FAQs

What are the additional curriculum benefits of a managed program?

• Students will have access to a greater array of free software through the Edustar image – this enables a teacher to confidently arrange a lesson knowing students will have the required program.
• Downtime due to damage and repairs will be significantly reduced.
• Staff will know what students have on their devices, minimising confusion and preparation at the start of a lesson.
• Pen-enabled devices allow for a whole new level of interactivity.

What ongoing support will the College provide?

The College provides technical support onsite to troubleshoot problems for students. If there is a fault with a student laptop purchased, our technicians will log a warranty claim and technicians will come to MGC and will fix within two business days after a claim is processed.
Will there be a warranty and what happens with insurance?

Most laptops come with a one year limited warranty. This can be extended to three years by purchasing an extended warranty. The Department of Education has no insurance to cover student laptops for loss, theft or non-warranty repairs.

Parents are advised to check home insurance policies and consider covering the laptop for accidental damage and loss. Insurance can be purchased. The College accepts no responsibility for damage or loss and cannot enforce payment from another family if a laptop is accidentally damaged by another student.

What is the expected lifetime of the device?

A laptop is expected to function effectively for between three to five years, depending on individual use and the extent to which it is looked after. Students should therefore be able to use their laptop from Year 7 to Senior School.

Finally, MGC Computer Services are happy to provide advice but only take questions via email. Please contact the MGC IT at for any questions regarding IT @ MGC.


BYOD Policy