Fond Farewell to the Class of 2017

Fond Farewell to the Class of 2017

The final days of secondary school for our Year 12s concluded with Celebration Day on Wednesday 25th October. The guard of honour with Years 7-11 students lining the path from the final assembly to Yarra Boulevard is a respectful farewell after thirteen years of formal schooling. It was full of laughter and pride as other students see this important MGC ‘rite of passage’ unfold year after year. The Valedictory Dinner that night was our chance to reflect, say thank you to our students, parents and the wonderful teachers who have supported them during their time at Melbourne Girls’ College. Congratulations to Pat Sklavakis, Sandor Kazi and their team whose hours of work behind the scenes ensured a memorable occasion for the girls.

2018 College Captains

The celebrations of last week also saw the handover from 2017 College Captains, Courtney McKenzie, Ashleigh Hammond and Nell Crossett to our new 2018 Captains Ky Luong, Isabelle Carney and Claudia Junge.

Nell, Ashleigh, Courtney and Emma Ferguson as Communications Captain have been excellent role models and leaders for all students. Their inclusion of ideas and approachability has seen many barriers between year levels broken down. Isabelle, Claudia and Ky have already spoken about continuing this work to build a united community for the college.


Kind regards,

Karen Money