Girls’ Leadership

The Melbourne Girls’ College Student Leadership program is designed to provide opportunities for all students to develop their leadership skills. Our focus is on student run events throughout the school from assemblies, fundraisers, performances, House competitions and lunchtime activities to our many student groups including the Student Representative Council, Environment team, STEAM, Junior Ambassadors, and Philanthropy. By collaboratively planning, implementing, and reflecting on these events students develop their leadership capabilities through active participation. Students can become involved in the many leadership positions available at the college through formal application, election and volunteering. Areas covered by our program are:

  • College Captains
  • Arts
  • Sport
  • Student Representative Council
  • Environment
  • Philanthropy
  • Public Relations
  • Communication

These areas are led by students from the Senior and Middle School Executives. The Senior School Executive is made up of captains from Years 11 and 12 who take on the responsibility of organising the student groups and take a major role in the planning of the group’s events. The Middle School Executive is made up of Captains from Years 8 and 9 who also share the responsibility of the leading student groups while being mentored by the Senior School Executive.