The Australian Air Force Cadet Program at MGC

The Australian Air Force Cadet program at Melbourne Girls’ College has been running at the school since 1998 and is available for students in Years 8 through to Year 12. The program is offered through the Advance Youth Development Program on Monday afternoon from 3:30 to 5:30 with support through the Royal Australian Air Force.

Students not only undertake Air Force related studies such as Aviation, Aircraft Recognition, Service Knowledge, and Drill & Ceremonial, but also learn vital survival and bushcraft skills through Field craft and First Aid, especially CPR, achieving the Provide First Aid Certificate in their second year. The course is very much a “hands on approach” with 4 camps, plus excursions and Community Parade activities.

Students have access to state-wide activities, which include Flying Camps at a minimal extra cost. Leadership skills are fostered through the rank structure, cadets teaching others in a caring and encouraging manner. Team building skills are particularly evident in the variety of camps and special activities. A sense of belonging is fostered and encouraged by the trained and skilled staff.

More detailed information can be found at the AAFC Headquarters website or email to co.414sqn@airforcecadets.com.au