Mindfulness Program

Melbourne Girls’ College has implemented a Whole-School Mindfulness Program, whereby all students will experience a short mindfulness exercise in one of their lessons each day.

In partnership with the Smiling Mind organisation, the College has incorporated mindfulness practices into students’ everyday routines.

Mindfulness practices help build individual mental health and wellbeing through positive, pre-emptive tools and activities. Co-developed with psychologists and health professionals, Smiling Mind is a program that supports the efficacy of mindfulness meditation.

Scientific research has proven that mindfulness meditation:

  • assists with the management of pain and stress
  • helps build resilience and compassion
  • improves focus at work and in the classroom
  • helps with creativity and collaboration.

For more information on the Smiling Mind program and the benefits of mindfulness practices, please visit https://smilingmind.com.au/