MGC Management Policies

Camping Outdoor Education                                                           Enrolment – Year 7 Policy Communication
Camps and Excursions Environment Safe Orderly Conduct
Child Safety Equal Opportunity and Sexual Harrassment  Special Interest Groups
Complaints and Appeals External Provider Staff Travel
Conflict of Interest Lactation Break Statement of Values
DET Privacy Policy Leading Teacher Tenure Policy Time in Lieu
Electronic Communication Leave Working with Children

MGC Curriculum Policies

Curriculum Framework Humanities Performing Arts
Design & Technologies ICT Acceptable Use Professional Development
Distance Education Internet Acceptable Use Science
English & English as a Second Language (EAL) Internet Print Credits Technology
Health & Physical Education Languages Visual Arts
Homestudy Mathematics

MGC Finance Policies

Cash Handling                                   Hardship           Refunds
Fraud Internet Banking Rowing Club Financial Management
Fundraising Investment
Gifts Parent Payment

MGC OH&S, Assets and Facilities Policies

Asset Management                            Asthma Loans of Equipment
Alcohol Consumption Bus Operator Drug and Alcohol OH&S Manual Handling
Ambulance Buses OH&S
Anaphylaxis First Aid Return to Work
Arrangements for Ill Children Head Lice Sun Protection
Asset Management Hire of Facilities

MGC Student Management Policies

Attendance                                     Drug Related Issues Student Leadership
Behaviour Management Mandatory Reporting Policy Uniform Policy
Bullying and Harrassment Mobile Phone Policy
College Sports Teams Student Engagement and Inclusion