Year 7

Our emphasis in Year 7 is on the transition to secondary school with a focus on developing significant relationships with peers and teachers.

In any given year, our Year 7 students will be drawn from over 50 different primary schools. To assist in the transition to a new environment, the Year 7s have their lockers and a majority of their classes in a purpose built learning centre – The Lyceum. In this space we have four houses of 52 students (two classes together).

Year 7s have their three major subjects in the Lyceum, each for 9 periods a fortnight:

  • A major focus on Mathematics to consolidate the basics and to extend the students’ competencies.
  • Two integrated subjects using an inquiry-based learning strategy
    • Social World – with a focus on English, History and ICT, taken for nine periods a cycle.
    • Physical World – with a focus on Science, Health and Geography. This is also taken for nine periods a cycle.

These three classes are team taught. This means that teachers, can on occasion, work intensively with groups of students, using the nearby ‘Lead’ and ‘Achieve’ rooms.

The layout of the Lyceum allows students to work in groups which maximises social learning. Tables of five or six students allow for the discussion of problems and provide a learning environment where students can learn from other students.

Further to this, teachers allocate students to table groups in the Lyceum. These table groups are different between the subjects and change regularly throughout the year. This encourages girls to work collaboratively and develop strong relationships with all of their house mates throughout the year.

Students can amplify their creativity through our Arts & Technology departments. They also participate in a range of fun activities through the Sports and Physical Education department.

Students also have Wellbeing classes, introduced in 2016, where a core teacher takes an extra class to facilitate lessons that include positive psychology, growth mindset and resilience strategies. Initially, students and teachers use this time to discuss issues relating to their transition from primary school to secondary school. In addition to this, Year Ten Peer Support Leaders, who have received extensive training and undergone a selection process, conduct 8 transition to high school sessions with each Wellbeing class in small groups. Throughout the year, students also learn emotional literacy, mindfulness, gratitude and empathy. Drama performances and presenters supplement the core program, and Year Seven assemblies are often held during this time to further assist students to flourish at Melbourne Girls’ College.

Other major activities during Year 7 include:

  • The Camp, which is held in the first month of school. The focus of the camp is based around students and teachers getting to know each other and trying out new experiences.
  • Excursions and incursions to connect learning with the real world, making great use of our location.

For further information please contact:

Year Level Leader of Year 7: Shaunagh O’Connell
Assistant Year Level Leader of Year 7: Isabella Kontogeorgis