Laptop Information Night : Thursday 22nd August 2019

Laptop Information Night : Thursday 22nd August 2019, MGC Library at 6pm

Parents are invited to a laptop information night to find out more information, hear from the school about how the laptops are used, meet the company representative who supplies the laptops and to hear from a student who has experience with pen-based laptops.

Please note: MGC is now recommending to all families a particular make, model and supplier for student laptops that we believe meets the expectations of the 21st-century curriculum. Additionally, we recognise that handwriting is still an essential skill. VCE exams are handwritten and will continue to be and MGC strongly encourages the use of active pen-enabled devices which provide more significant natural interaction with the learning programs.

As over 50 staff have now been issued with enhanced pen laptops and MGC has formed a partnership with a leading and trusted education supplier to offer families an easy method to purchase a pen-enabled notebook.